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July 13+14+15, 2018
Pier 4 Park
Hamilton, ON

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Where is Because Beer taking place?

Pier 4 Park, 64 Leander Drive, at the foot of Bay Street North on beautiful Hamilton Harbour. The parks of the West Harbour are some of the best things about Hamilton. That’s why we’ve been there for the last four years and why we’ll be there again this year. You’ll be there for that reason, too. That and the abundance of great craft beer and craft cider. And food trucks. And live music. And crazy good times.

Why a craft beer festival?

Hamilton has been experiencing a revolution in beer over the past few years and continues to grow. It’s an amazing time to be a beer drinker, and Southern Ontario and the surrounding areas have some of the best craft breweries in Canada. It’s time to celebrate them and to introduce you to some of the incredible new flavours available, as well as the people responsible for making these delicious beverages a reality.

How do I get into Because Beer?

You need two things.

  1. A Because Beer ticket; and
  2. Valid government-issued ID that states that you are at least 19 years of age.

We do reserve the right to refuse admission to you if you appear to already be intoxicated. So take it easy and change up alcoholic beverages with cool, refreshing water. We’re all in this to have a good, safe time together.

Where do I get my tickets?

You can buy them online here until noon the day of the event, or through our local partner ticket outlets. You can also get tickets and weekend passes at the gate.

It's never a bad idea to bring cash if you are planning on buying walk-up tickets. While Because Beer will be accepting payment for tickets/tokens via debit, credit cards, and Apple Pay, and of course cash, site-specific signal limitations may cause unforeseen service outages. There will also be ATMs conveniently located onsite for top-ups as you need them.

Advance tickets are $29.99 for single-day (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) or $44.99 for a weekend pass. On the weekend of Because Beer, tickets may be purchased at the festival gate for $39.99 single-day ticket or $54.99 for weekend pass. Discounted ticket tiers will also be available for a limited time. Pricing does not include service charges and applicable taxes.

With your single-day ticket you get a special Because Beer mug and three (3) sampling tokens. You'll get a mug and six (6) tokens with a weekend pass. Once on grounds, you will be able to upgrade your regular admission single-day pass to a weekend pass for $15 per ticket. 

Designated Driver tickets are $10 per day — cheaper than Uber fare. DD tickets/passes omit tasting mug and sampling tokens and do not permit alcohol consumption. But DDs get a full day of top-rate music, expert speakers, and more free fun and games than we can list. Plus the festival offers water stations to keep DDs hydrated for free. ​

Do Designated Drivers get a mug, too?

Sadly, no, Designated Drivers do not get a mug. Nor may they drink out of a mug. All Designated Drivers will have special coloured wristbands that they must display at all times. Any Designated Drivers caught consuming alcohol will be immediately escorted from the premises, as will the person who has shared their drink with them or bought a drink for them. Even so, DDs will have no shortage of excellent stuff to do.

How do these sampling tokens work?

Sampling tokens are the currency of Because Beer. With a sampling token you can walk up to one of the dozens of craft breweries, present them with a token, and receive a 4-ounce sample of one of their beers, your choice. (One exception: Vendors may opt to charge two tokens for 4-ounce samples of beverages with ABV of 8% or above.)

When you need more tokens, just head back to our token booth — the one with the sky-high token flags— and we’ll happily sell you another bundle: six for $10, 12 for $20. We’ll also have ATMs on hand to satisfy your cash needs.

Sampling tokens are non-refundable, but multi-day festival-goers may keep them overnight and bring them back. They’ll still work all weekend long (though not necessarily year to year). Listen for announcements towards the end of each day reminding you that you’ll need to use your tokens.

When is last call?

Last call will take place 30 minutes prior to closing of the event. Taps will close 15 minutes after last call.

So, Pier 4 Park — how do I get there?

There are a few ways, which we’ve outlined over here.

What can I bring to Because Beer?

Excellent question.

You can bring a small bag or backpack which may contain sunscreen and a bottle for water. The bottle in question must be clear and either empty or sealed. No half-opened bottles. Anything suspicious (and the bar for “suspicious” is low) will not be allowed in. Water filling stations are conveniently located inside the park.

Outside food is not allowed. We have an assortment of food trucks waiting to cater to you. (If you’re a parent with a baby/toddler, you may bring food for them — we’re not expecting them to be down for stick-smoked brisket or gourmet grilled cheese.)

You may bring folding lawn chairs. Preferably with cup holders. Umbrellas are allowed. Tents are not. Neither are coolers, hard or soft.

We love your pets and have maybe even fawned over them on Instagram, but certified and active service dogs are the only animals allowed on the festival grounds. Except maybe squirrels and geese. (And we’re working on the geese.)

Being a city park, there is NO SMOKING at Pier 4 Park. In accordance with City of Hamilton By-Law No. 11-080, no smoking will be permitted within the festival grounds. Smoking may be grounds for removal (and if City officials nab you, a hefty fine). This also applies to vaping and e-cigarettes (in accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Amendment Act, 2016). 

Per Section 45(2) of Regulation 719 of the Liquor Licence Act, illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia are not allowed on the premises. Use of medical marijuana is also prohibited on festival grounds. 

Finally, we’re sure that your upcoming event/new business is wicked amazing, but there is no marketing of other events./businesses at our festival.

Can I go barefoot in the park?

It's always tempting to slip out of your shoes on summer weekends, but we would advise against doing so at Because Beer. Although Pier 4 Park undergoes careful upkeep, it hosts activity year-round, so it is impossible to eliminate all hazards in the grass. Stepping on something unpleasant, whether a small piece of broken glass, splintered wood or greasy goose droppings, can be an instant buzzkill. Pick your footwear accordingly and go barefoot at your own risk.

What about in-out privileges?

We try to build a well-rounded festival experience, but if you need to leave the festival — to squeeze in a smoke break, for example, or to grab a jacket from your car — you are welcome to do so. You’ll have to join whatever lineup exists at the time of your return, however, and will get another once-over from event security as you return through the exit gate. But as long as your wristband shows no signs of tampering and you are not intoxicated, you should have no problems. Remember that security will always have the final word, so play nice.

I lost/broke/forgot my mug. Now what?

You need to be more careful. First, we’ll see if you’re too intoxicated. Because if you are, it’s time to go home. But if it was just an honest mistake? Hey, these things happen.… but we'll still need to charge you $20 for a new mug.

What if it rains?

We get asked that a lot. Between the Seven Sundays in Gage Park series and Supercrawl, we spend a lot of time putting on events outdoors. And here’s the thing about rain: If it rains, it rains. Bring an umbrella and a rain jacket. The rain will pass. You’ll maybe be wet for a bit. But then you’ll dry out and have a great story. So rain or shine, we go on. And whatever the day brings, we’ve got you covered this year with more spacious tents — sheltering the brewers and the stage area from the elements. We’ve added as much tent coverage as we can manage without making it an indoor event. You’ll be able to enjoy a weekend of cool, refreshing craft beers and ciders, plus live music, food, fun and games without betting soaked or scorched. Cheers to that!

Do you have a lost & found?

If you find an item you would like to reunite with its owner, please turn it in to event security, roaming staff or gate staff. If you have lost an item and would like to try and locate/reclaim it, you can inquire with gate staff (at the event) or by emailing the festival (post-event) at

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