The Because Beer Homebrew Competition is proudly BJCP-sanctioned and a part of the 2016 Brewer of the Year Competition Circuit

BBHC 2016 Online Entry will open right here on April 15. Registration info and details are available here. Entry drop-off and delivery window is May 30 – June 10, and judging will take place June 16 – 18 at Collective Arts Brewery (207 Burlington St. E., Hamilton). Winners will be announced at the BBHC Awards Ceremony on Friday July 8 at the Because Beer Craft Beer Festival.

We’ve got some great prizes lined up so far, including Pro-Am collaborations with Nickel Brook Brewery, Collective Arts Brewing, and West Avenue Estate Cider, awesome beer swag from Garden Brewers, homebrew gear and gift cards, and so much more. For more information on entering, judging, volunteering, or sponsorship, please contact competition organizer Brandi Lee MacDonald at




01 Light Lager
Gold: Standard American Lager • James Norwood • American Lager
Silver: Dortmunder Export • Jared Carlberg • Dort
Bronze: Munich Helles • Chris Bourdages • What The Helles?

02 Pilsner
Gold: Bohemian Pilsener • Michal Foniok • Brohemian Pilsgnar
Silver: Bohemian Pilsener • Chris Nowlan • KAB Traditional Pilsner
Bronze: German Pils • Jean-Sebastien Lantin • The Quaternion

03 European Amber Lager
Gold: Oktoberfest/Marzen • Chris Bourdages • These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty
Silver: Oktoberfest/Marzen • Jared Carlberg • O-Fest
Bronze: Vienna Lager • Adrian Murray • Vienna Lager

04 Dark Lager
Gold: Munich Dunkel • Michal Foniok • Dunkel’s Your Father’s Brother
Silver: Munich Dunkel • Chris Nowlan • Uncle Dunkel
Bronze: Schwarzbier • Paul Heslop • Bonnie Darko

05 Bock
Gold: Doppelbock • Mark Brosens • Three Eyes Billy Goat
Silver: Eisbock • Adam Olson • Glacier Bay Eisbock
Bronze: Doppelbock • Chris Nowlan • Three Billy Goats Bock

06 Light Hybrid Beer
Gold: American Wheat or Rye Beer • Paul Brennan • Rye Clone
Silver: Cream Ale • Darrin Sayers • House Beer
Bronze: Blonde Ale • Eric Cousineau • Stubby Fox Blonde Ale

07 Amber Hybrid Beer
Gold: California Common Beer • Justin MacNeill • Steam Boat (BOS*)
Silver: California Common Beer • Marie-Annick • Scott Livin’ In The Past
Bronze: California Common Beer • Robert Doerksen • Pier 179

08 English Pale Ale
Gold: Special/Best/Premium Bitter • Cory Day • Proud Wally
Silver: Extra Special/Strong Bitter • Tim Wilson • 3 Rocks
Bronze: Extra Special/Strong Bitter • Tom Carriere • Bitter Beer Face ESB

09 Scottish & Irish Ale
Gold: Strong Scotch Ale • Paul Heslop • Caber Toss
Silver: Scottish Export 80 • Mark McGraw • Scottish Eighty-Bob Ale
Bronze: Irish Red Ale • Jared Carlberg • Zed’s Dead Red

10 American Ale
Gold: American Pale Ale • Mark Pennell • Three
Silver: American Pale Ale • Robert Doerksen • Sunset Over The Rocks
Bronze: American Brown Ale • Rob Jeanveau • Recovery

11 English Brown Ale
Gold: Mild • Trevor Livingstone • Livingstone Mild
Silver: Mild • Mark Pennell • Working Man
Bronze: Northern English Brown Ale • Rory Flynn • Excalibeer Legend

12 Porter
Gold: Baltic Porter • David Freeman • Honey’s Baltic Porter
Silver: Brown Porter • Chris Nowlan • Harry Porter
Bronze: Robust Porter • Matt Cummings • Chocolate Porter

13 Stout
Gold: Sweet Stout • Chris Bourdages • Sweetened Espresso V2
Silver: Imperial Stout • Matt Pavone Kovalchuk • RIP Russian Imperial Stout
Bronze: American Stout • Mike McNabb • BLACK V2

14 India Pale Ale
Gold: American IPA • Matt Pavone • AstroNaught IPA
Silver: American IPA • Nick Shier • Pinesville
Bronze: English IPA • Mark Pennell • Britannia

15 German Wheat & Rye
Gold: Weizenbock • Jared Carlberg • O-Weiz-One
Silver: Weizen/Weissbier • Dennis Krajac • Prost!
Bronze: Weizen/Weissbier • Justin Tompkins • Holy Hefeweizen!

16 Belgian & French Ales
Gold: Belgian Specialty Ale • Dennis Krajac • Bier Frankenshtein
Silver: Witbier • Jared Carlberg • Walter Witbier
Bronze: Saison • Alexandre Bourget • Saison Verde

17 Sour Ale
Gold: Berliner Weisse • Darryl Shelton • Tart Summer
Silver: Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin • Chris Cleaver • Texan Sour
Bronze: Straight (Unblended) Lambic • Chris Bourdages • Feel The Funk

18 Belgian Strong Ale
Gold: Belgian Dubbel • Jordan Anstey • The Drunk Monk
Silver: Belgian Blond Ale • Chris Bourdages • Belgian Love
Bronze: Belgian Dark Strong Ale • David Freeman • Gemini Double Dubbel

19 Strong Ale
Gold: English Barleywine • Adam Olson • Ye Old Kick In The Pants
Silver: American Barleywine • Jordan Anstey • Brews Springsteen
Bronze: Old Ale • David Freeman • Dave’s Old Ale #2

20 Fruit Beer
Gold: Craig Wallace • Crossing Borders Rasperry Berliner
Silver: Gary Clark • OJ’s Innocent
Bronze: Aaron Potvin • RRP

21 Spice / Herb / Veg
Gold: Justin MacNeill • Tropical Knock Out (TKO)
Silver: Jay Carruthers • The Grinch’s Dark Minty Secret
Bronze: Mark Pennell • Working Man Meets Jasmine

22 Smoke & Wood Aged Beer
Gold: Wood-Aged Beer • Adam Olson • Islay Scotch Ale
Silver: Other Smoked Beer • Trevor Livingstone • Mid Life Crisis Porter
Bronze: Wood-Aged Beer • John Henley • Vladislav`s Russkiy Imperatorskiy Staut

23 Specialty Beer
Gold: David Thompson • Ernie Wit’s Sour Balls
Silver: Shannon Howatt • Coffee Blonde
Bronze: Patrick Brown • PanAm Pride

24-27 Ciders & Meads
Gold: New England Cider • Michael D’Ornellas • Okie Dokie
Silver: Common Cider • David Couture • Get Your Glass To Mars
Bronze: Semi-Sweet Mead • Chris Bourdages • Wenches And Honey

Best of Show
Justin McNeill and his California Common beer ‘Steam Boat’!



Light Lager

Gold: Geof Trail, Braindead
Silver: Chris Nowlan, Helles
Bronze: Geof Traill, Ill Communication


Gold: Geof Trail, CAP
Silver: Geof Traill, La Boheme
Bronze: Chris Bourdages, BO Pils

European Amber & Dark Lager (combined categories 3&4)

Gold: Chris Bourdages, Black Gold
Silver: Kevin Swan, Oktoberfest
Bronze: Geordan Saunders, Shitshow


Gold: Chris White, Bock Times Two
Silver: Robert Doerksen, Golden Sea
Bronze: Geof Traill, Helles Bock

Light Hybrid Beer

Gold: Kevin Swan, Centennial Blonde
Silver: Kevin Swan, Kevin’s Kolsch
Bronze: Jason Newton, Newtonian American Rye

Amber Hybrid Beer

Gold: Heather Scanlan, Erika’s Alt
Silver: Darrin Sayers, Inspired by Doerksen
Bronze: Robert Doerksen, Holz Haven Altbier

English Pale Ale

Gold: Alvaro Reyes, As Per Marc
Silver: Dennis Krajac, Sweet Calcutta Rain
Bronze: Jeff Brown, The Kitchen Sink

Scottish & Irish Ale

Gold: Chris Bourdages, Great Scott!
Silver: John Langendoen, Finished & Dunn
Bronze: Paul Heslop, Paddy Whack

American Pale Ale

Gold: Jordan Anstey, Anstey Amber
Silver: Mark Pennell, Amarillo Galaxy
Bronze: Mark Pennell, Bramarillo Galaxy

English Brown Ale

Gold: Paul Heslop, Thames Tidal Wave
Silver: Kevin Swan, Through A Mild Darkly
Bronze: Andrew Lee, Nellie Brown Ale


Gold: Ryan Dhillon, Canadian Addition Maple Porter
Silver: Jordan Anstey, Puff the Magic Dragon
Bronze: Chris Bourdages, Big Ben’s Brown Porter


Gold: Mike McNabb, Black
Silver: Kent Courtice, Russian Imperial Stout
Bronze: Craig Wallace, Milk ‘n’ Oats

India Pale Ale

Gold: Steven Collura, East Mountain IPA
Silver: Kevin Swan, Wailing Widow
Bronze: Matt Pavone, Intergalactic IPA

German Wheat & Rye

Gold: Alexander Kaul, Ollie’s Heavy Wheat Surprise
Silver: Jeff Manol, El Hefe
Bronze: Dean Kelley, I’ve Gone Rogue!

Belgian & French

Gold: Kent Courtice, Funky Brewster
Silver: Kent Courtice, Citrus Saison
Bronze: Michael Daniel, Saison III

Sour Ale

Gold: David Freeman, Prairie Pucker
Silver: Rick August, Gueze
Bronze: Darrin Sayers, Pucker Up!

Belgian Strong Ale

Gold: Geof Traill, Heart Attack & Vine
Silver: Chris Nowlan, Belgian Blonde IV
Bronze: Chris Nowlan, Tripel II

Strong Ales

Gold: Jeremy Coghill, Old Cogder
Silver: David Freeman, Dave’s Old Ale #1
Bronze: Lee Hillman, Bigfoot’s Sister

Fruit Beer

Gold: Craig Wallace, RIP Big Kahuna
Silver: Aaron Springfield, Raspberry Tart
Bronze: Kent Courtice, 100% Brett Pineapple

Spice / Herb / Veg Beer

Gold: Andrew Stevens, Morning Wood
Silver: Ian Holm, Toasty Coconut Porter
Bronze: Sara Fritch, Jasmint Beer

Wood Aged & Smoked Beer

Gold: Andrew Stevens, Morning Wood
Silver: Mark Raymond, Russian Imperial Rye Guy
Bronze: Erin Broadfoot, Scotchy Scotch, Scotch Old Ale

Specialty Beer

Gold: Kurt Seelenmayer, Funky Cherry Krystal Weizen
Silver: Jeremy Coghill, Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em Gratzer
Bronze: Nick Hewlett, Baker’s Dozen Imperial Milk Stout

Best of Show

Kent Courtice, Funky Brewster

Honorable Mention

Geof Trail, Braindead