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July 12+13, 2019
Pier 4 Park
Hamilton, ON

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Meet the 2018 BBHC Medallists

And now, the moment all of our homebrewer entrants have been waiting for: the winners of the fifth annual Because Beer Homebrew Competition! But first, we'd like to thank our generous sponsors for their support and contributions, and to our certified beer judges and volunteers for all of their hard work in evaluating entries from across Canada. We are so pleased to be supporting the homebrew community. Congratulations, all!

Standard American Beer

Gold: Peter Hug | Honey Wheat Mosaic

Silver: Trenton Snook | Cream Ale

Bronze: Mike Vandervoort | Mosaic City's Light Lager

International Lager

Gold: Marcelo Paniza | Odd Ball

Silver: Jon Mains | Mains Export

Bronze: Mark Verok | Does This Look Infected?

Czech Lager

Gold: Mark Verok | Straight Swill

Silver: Mark Verok | Might As Well Pour This

Bronze: Robert Doerksen | 2 Minutes For Cross Czeching

Pale Malty European Lager

Gold: Chris Saunders; Co-Brewer Virginie Corneau | Karlstor Helles

Silver: Alex Cochran | Festbier Mk1

Bronze: Robert Doerksen | Golden Sea Maibock

Pale Bitter European Beer

Gold: Alex Cochran | Muschi Morder Mk2

Silver: Joey Caron | Pilsner de Course

Bronze: Mark Verok | Step On My Pils

Amber Malty European Lager

Gold: Jeremy Visser | Jugs of Marzën

Silver: Martin Duchesneau | Rauch Hour

Bronze: Marie-Annick Scott | Ifrit

Amber Bitter European Beer

Gold: Tim Burnett | Corso Lager

Silver: Gunnar Blohm | Rock Bottom

Bronze: Jay Avrett | Altbier - Aka Tom's Beer

Dark European Lager

Gold: Marie-Annick Scott Chmod 755

Silver: Iain Robertson, Co-Brewer Shawn Ruff | What Is A Schwarzbier? Black Lager

Bronze: Stephen Rodermond | Double Time

Strong European Beer

Gold: Chris Saunders | Doppelganger

Silver: Clayton Hoy | Eis Eis Bockby

Bronze: Caitlin Bailey; Co-Brewer  Clayton Hoy | It's As Ann As the Nose On Plain's Face

German Wheat Beer

Gold: Markus Ebner | Sweet Weiss of Mine

Silver: Jimmy Bernier | Dunkelweisse

Bronze: Martin Williams | Minion House Ale

British Bitter

Gold: Tyler Wilson | Wilson's Esb

Silver: Kevin O'Reilly | Paddington Bitter

Bronze: Brian Hovsepian | Caught Up On Sunlight

Pale Commonwealth Beer

Gold: Eric Hussmann | Pug Fuggly

Silver: Clayton Hoy | Down Under Toilet Water

Bronze: Ryan Dhillon | Tan Lines

Brown British Beer

Gold: Marc-André Dorion | English Rainy Day At the Pub

Silver: Eric Parker | Aspern Tallow

Bronze: Nick Hodowsky | Tall Puddled Martyr's

Scottish Ale

Gold: Mike Sanders | She Ain't Heavy She's My Mother-Inlaw

Silver: Duane Willis; Co-Brewer Kristen Willis | Lang May Yer Lum Reek!

Bronze: Stephen Rodermond | Don't Think About It

Irish Beer

Gold: Chelsea Tessier | White Rabbit Irish Red Ale

Silver: Alex Cochran | Crimson Beast

Bronze: Iain Robertson; Co-Brewer Shawn Ruff | Definitely Not Guiness

Dark British Beer

Gold: Matt Ballyk | Bermuda Triangle

Silver: Matt Ballyk | Ballyk's Breakfast Stout

Bronze: Cory Day | 67% of the Time It Works Everytime.

Strong British Ale

Gold: Marie-Annick Scott | Hadrian’s Wall

Silver: Jeremy Visser | Barrel Aged Barleywine

Bronze: Trevor Armstrong | Barleywin

Pale American Ale

Gold: Duane Willis; Co-Brewer Kristen Willis | Pretty Penny Pale Ale 2.0

Silver: Ed Fech | Time's Never Wasted

Bronze: Chris Hughes | Fisticuffs Citra Pale Ale

Amber & Brown American Beer

Gold: Megan Roworth; Co-Brewer Scott Durst | Trixie's Treat

Silver: Nolan Reimer | Back Trail Brown Ale

Bronze: Aaron Potvin | 90 Minute Abs

American Porter & Stout

Gold: Duane Willis; Co-Brewer Kristen Willis | Hunter's Moon

Silver: Ed Fech | Czarface

Bronze: Andrew Turba | Blackout Imperial Stout


Gold: Mike Vandervoort | Mosaic City's IPA

Silver: Mike Vandervoort | Chloe's NEIPA

Bronze: Kalinda Link | Klinker's Headwater IPA

Strong American Ale

Gold: Marc-André Dorion; Co-Brewer Jimmy Bernier | Swheat Wine!

Silver: Ryan Dhillon | Leather Bound Books

Bronze: Chelsea Tessier | Pliny The DIPA

European Sour Ale

Gold: Marie-Annick Scott | The Kreiken

Silver: Gunnar Blohm | Burgundy of Limestone City

Bronze: Gunnar Blohm | Alerte Rouge

Belgian Ale

Gold: Martin Williams | Mostly Harmless

Silver: Jordan Anstey; Co-Brewer Sarah Vassair | Wit's End

Bronze: Chris Potts | Witty I Am

Strong Belgian Ale

Gold: Jay Avrett Wallonian | Le Coup De Foudre

Silver: Eric Pare | Saisonale 2.0

Bronze: Robert Doerksen | Ask Lucy First

Trappist Ale

Gold: Andrew Turba | Dubbel Down

Silver: Jay Avrett | Sweet Belgian Lov'n III

Bronze: Gunnar Blohm | Or Liquide

Historical Beer

Gold: Cory Day | Cletus

Silver: Markus Ebner | Das Rog·gen·gäng·er

Bronze: Chelsea Tessier | Kentucky Fried Common

American Wild Ale

Gold: Kent Rundle | Sour Brett

Silver: Chris Saunders | Piss And Pineapples

Bronze: Jeffrey Archer | Funkelweizen

Fruit Beer

Gold: Ryan Dhillon; Co-Brewer Danielle Brown | Border Wall

Silver: Cory Day | Srp

Bronze: Mike Vandervoort | I'll Passion Fruit Punch You In The Face NEIPA

Spiced Beer

Gold: Gunnar Blohm; Co-Brewer Sean Kerry | Wild Spruce Chase

Silver: Duane Willis; Co-Brewer Kristen Willis | I Toadly Love Christmas

Bronze: Iain Robertson; Co-Brewer Shawn Ruff | Still Not Ready For Christmas

Alternative Fermentables Beer

Gold: Jennifer Turner | Rosemary's Baby

Silver: Chris Potts | Gluten For Punishment

Bronze: Jennifer Turner | Thai One On

Wood Beer

Gold: Duane Willis; Co-Brewer Kristen Willis | Ales From the Crypt

Silver: Jordan Anstey | A Long Journey's End

Bronze: Jeremy Visser | Bullitt Barleywine

Specialty Beer

Gold: Cory Day | Galactic Overlord

Silver: Steve Shaw | The Nutty Professor

Bronze: Chris Potts | Mango Lassi IPA

Cider and Perry

Gold: Shevelle Stephens | Fruit Cider

Silver: Peter Hug | Ginger Stepchild

Bronze: Glyn Stephens | C$


Gold: Stephen Snudden | Bocheted It

Silver: Glyn Stephens | Fruit Sup

Bronze: Stephen Snudden | Pineapple Std

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