July 13-15, 2018
Pier 4 Park
Hamilton, ON

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BBHC 2017 Winners!

And now, the moment all of our homebrewer entrants have been waiting for: the winners of the fourth annual Because Beer Homebrew Competition! But first, we'd like to thank our generous sponsors for their support and contributions, and to our certified beer judges and volunteers for all of their hard work in evaluating entries from across Canada. We are so pleased to be supporting the homebrew community. Congratulations, all!


Ryan Dhillon | Zeus Juice (Specialty IPA)


American Wheat Beer | Mike Pham | Crystal Maiden

International Pale Lager | Clifford Spoelstra | Gilded S7

Munich Helles | Virginie Corneau St-Hilaire | Sad Otter IPL

Kolsch | Aaron Springford(Anne Chaplet's) | Wasser Zu Kolsch

Vienna Lager | Aaron Springford | (Marius Stein's) Ein Modernes Wien Lager

Schwarzbier | Clifford Spoelstra | Almost Hoppy Porter

Baltic Porter | Matt Ballyk | Baltika

Weissbier | Martin Schoots-McAlpine | Hefeweizen

Best Bitter | AaronSpringford | (Boz's) Best Bitter

English Porter | Matt Ballyk |English Porter

Scottish Export | James Wallace |Thistle Ale

Irish Extra Stout | Jay Boudreau |Cure For The Potato Famine

Oatmeal Stout | Matt Ballyk |Breakfast Stout

American Pale Ale | John Kraemer | Parkview Pale Ale

American Amber Ale | Derek Angove | Bolton Valley Amber Ale

American Stout | Brian Hovsepian | 7 Tonne Stout

Specialty IPA | RyanDhillon | Zeus Juice

Double IPA | Mike Vandervoort |Hurricane Nat

Berliner Weisse | Stephen Ejbick | Blow Up The Outside World Berliner Weisse

Witbier | Chris Potts | Summer Citrus Tingler

Saison | Stephen Ejbick | Hands All Over Saison

Trappist Single | Mitchell Tuckey | The Sudsy Stud

Historical Beer | Jeff Kaldma | 751 Covington

Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer | Ryan Dhillon | Kingston Summer Sour

Fruit Beer | Chris Potts | RALE

Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer | Jordan Wardrop | It's A Mean One

Alternative Grain Beer | Chris Potts | Mommy's Lime Ale

Specialty Wood-Aged Beer | Stephen Rodermond |The Half Russian

Mixed-Style Beer | Jonathan Vamos | Black Phase Milk Chocolate Stout

Cider with Herbs/Spices | Victor North | Oubliette


American Lager | Mike Vandervoort | Lazy Mans Lager

International Pale Lager | Derek Angove | Northern Bavarian Lager

Munich Helles | Robert Nyman | Hell & Unwell

German Exportbier | Brian Hovsepian | Nelson Exportbier

Schwarzbier | Robert Nyman | Smooth Schwarz

Baltic Porter | Stephen Rodermond | Bandit's Fly Trap

Weissbier | Mitchell Tuckey | Three Wheats To The Wind

Dark Mild | Mitchell Tuckey | Where The Mild Things Are

Scottish Export | MichaelBaker | Accidently Scottish

Irish Extra Stout | Matt Ballyk | Irish Extra Stout

Sweet Stout | Matt Ballyk | Milk Stout

American Pale Ale | Chris Potts | Cascade Pale

American Amber Ale | Henry Koper | Koper Amber Gold

American Porter | Matt Ballyk | Ballyk Porter

American IPA | Mike Vandervoort | Sir Danks Alot IPA

American Barleywine | Ryan Dhillon | Age With Grace

Flanders Red Ale | Gunnar Blohm | Burgundy Of Limestone City

Witbier | ChrisPotts | W4A

Saison | Martin Schoots-McAlpine | Bamboozeled Saison

Belgian Tripel | Brian Tuinema | Triple The Fun

Brett Beer | Mark Bennett | Socrachi Brett Saison

Speciality Fruit Beer | Chris Potts | SmarmyWheat

Winter Seasonal Beer | Mark Dodd | Warrior Winter Ale

Alternative Grain Beer | Chris Saunders | Speltin' Faces

Specialty Wood-Aged Beer | Mark Bennett | Evan's Stout

Experimental Beer | Duane Willis | Toad The White Sprocket

New World Cider | Mark Dodd | Eve's Revenge


American Wheat Beer | Duane Willis | Toad-Beron

Helles Bock | Brian Hovsepian | Dortmunder Helles Bock

German Pils | Brian Hovsepian | Cook's Rest New Zealand Pils

Dunkels Weissbier | Chris Potts | Dunkel Dave

English Brown Ale | Michael Baker | Charlie Brown

Scottish Export | Clifford Spoelstra | Tropx Oil

Irish Red Ale | Stephen Rodermond | Red Star

Foreign Extra Stout | Jay Boudreau | Knockout Stout

American Pale Ale | Jordan Wardrop | Tropic Bliss

American Stout | Clifford Spoelstra | Drunken Soldier

American IPA | ChrisPotts | CIPA

Double IPA | Mike Pham | Brewed To A Bloody Pulp

Lambic | Gunnar Blohm | Urban Wilderness

Saison | Mike Vandervoort | Summer Sippin' Saison

Belgian Dubbel | Matthew Pavone | Dubbel Trouble

Brett Beer | AaronSpringford | (Mark Twain's) Wild American Ale

Winter Seasonal Beer | Martin Schoots-McAlpine | Danger Cookie Gingerbread Porter

Wood-Aged Beer | Michael Baker | A Beer Called Walt

Experimental Beer | Chris Potts | Earl Of Erin

Applewine | Stephen Ejbick | Rusty Cage Applewine

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