July 2021
Pier 4 Park
Hamilton, ON

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Meet the 2019 BBHC Medallists

And now, the moment all of our homebrewer entrants have been waiting for: the winners of the sixth annual Because Beer Homebrew Competition!

But first, we'd like to thank the kind and generous sponsors of this year's edition of the BBHC Awards for their support and contributions: BeersmithBlichmannBrew TimeClifford Brewing Co.Escarpment Labs, Fairweather Brewing Co., Five Star Chemicals, Grain & Grit Beer Co., HOZERMerit Brewing Co.TR StoneWest Avenue Cider House, and Wyeast

Thanks also to our certified beer judges and volunteers for all of their hard work in evaluating entries from across Canada. We are so pleased to be supporting the homebrew community. Congratulations, all!

Standard American Beer

Gold: Alex Cochran| Topham Road American Lager (1B: American Lager)

Silver: James Kennedy | American Geriatrics (1D: American Wheat Beer)

Bronze: Alex Cochran | Topham Road American Lite (1A: American Light Lager)

International Lager

Gold: Iain Robertson | Sonnenschein Lager (2A: International Pale Lager)

Silver: James Kennedy | Prestige Worldwide (2B: International Amber Lager)

Bronze: David Scott | Roguestorm Gold (2B: International Amber Lager)

Czech Lager

Gold: Colin Vandermeulen | Czech Dark Lager (3D: Czech Dark Lager)

Silver: Martin Williams; Co-BrewerMike Henhoeffer | Mr. Czechov (3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager)

Bronze: Matt Cowan | Award Winner (3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager)

Pale Malty European Lager​

Gold: Matt Cowan| What The Helles! (4A: Munich Helles)

Silver: Brian Marmoreo | The Omen (4A: Munich Helles)

Bronze: Kalinda Link | Helles Ya! (4A: Munich Helles)

Pale Bitter European Beer

Gold: Sara Yong | Is A Mirakolsch (5B: Kolsch)

Silver: Xavier Trudel | Streng Verboten Pils (5D: German Pils)

Bronze: Alex Cochran | Leichtdays (5A: German Leichtbier)

Amber Malty European Lager

Gold: Bear Alberico | Bock You Clayton (6C: Dunkels Bock)

Silver: David Scott | Roguetoberfest (6A: Marzen)

Bronze: Marie-Annick Scott | Chmod 755 (6C: Dunkels Bock)

Amber Bitter European Beer

Gold: James Kennedy | Shane's Sheep Shop (7B: Altbier)

Silver: Graeme Brown | First Shot (7A: Vienna Lager)

Bronze: Matt King| Revenant (7A: Vienna Lager)

Dark European Lager

Gold: Graeme Brown | Dark Matter (8B: Schwarzbier)

Silver: Clayton Hoy | Munchen In the Dark (8A: Munich Dunkel)

Bronze: Riccardo Santopietro | Night Rider  (8B: Schwarzbier)

Strong European Beer

Gold: Jay Avrett | Elise's Karate Chop To Paul (9A: Doppelbock)

Silver: Clayton Hoy; Co-Brewer Mike Vandervoort | Stay Outta Bocks! (9B: Eisbock)

Bronze: Chelsea Tessier | Baltic Porter (9C: Baltic Porter)

German Wheat Beer

Gold: Tyler Van Brabant | Running Late Hefeweizen (10A: Weissbier)

Silver: Mike Vandervoort| A Weiss Guy Eh!  (10A: Weissbier)

Bronze: Martin Schoots-McAlpine | Don't Hassle the Heff  (10A: Weissbier)

British Bitter

Gold: Jeremy Visser | The Bitters Are Coming, The Bitters Are Coming (11C: Strong Bitter)

Silver: Jesse Owens | Extra Sassy Bootsy (11C: Strong Bitter)

Bronze: Joe Sym | Red Tick Beer (11B: Best Bitter)

Pale Commonwealth Beer

Gold: Jason Fuller | Alpaca (12A: English Golden Ale)

Silver: Cedric Villeneuve; co-brewer Amélie Saucier-Fillion | Barbe Jaune (12A: English Golden Ale)

Brown British Beer

Gold: Brent Burgoyne | The Brown Dog (13A: Dark Mild)

Silver: Ben Pearce | King St. Porter (13C: English Porter)

Bronze; Chelsea Tessier | Top Sail Brown Ale (13B: English Brown Ale)

Scottish Ale

Gold: Colin Swelin| Sl 001 (14A: Scottish Light)

Silver: Nick Hodowsky | Scotty McScottface (14C: Scottish Export)

Bronze: Nick Hodowsky | Kilty McKiltface (14B: Scottish Heavy)

Irish Beer

Gold: Sara Yong; co-brewer Matt Cowan | White Rabbit Irish Red Ale (15A: Irish Red Ale)

Silver: Mark Matone; co-brewer Denis Robitaille| Crimson Beast (15B: Irish Stout)

Bronze: Kalinda Link | Klinker’s Stout (15C: Irish Extra Stout)

Dark British Beer

Gold: Alex Cochran | Topham Road Oatmeal Stout (16B: Oatmeal Stout)

Silver: Chris Hughes | Sticky Wicket (16C: Tropical Stout)

Bronze: Mike Pal | Bounty Hunter (16A: Sweet Stout)

Strong British Ale

Gold: Jeremy Visser | 2017 Barleywine (17D: English Barleywine)

Silver: Tim Tufts | Kilt Lifter (17C: Wee Heavy)

Bronze: Dustin Banks; co-brewer Chelsea Tessier | Old Ale (17B: Old Ale)

Pale American Ale

Gold: Brent Burgoyne | Blonde Dog (18A: Blonde Ale)

Silver: Colin Green | Tricerahops (18B: American Pale Ale0

Bronze: Jase Gudat | APA (18B: American Pale Ale)

Amber & Brown American Beer

Gold: Mike Pal | Steam Town Mall (19B: California Common)

Silver: Gene Iantorno | West Side Is The Best Side (19B: California Common)

Bronze: Scott Durst; co-brewer Megan Roworth | The Other Parent (19B: California Common)

American Porter & Stout

Gold: Chelsea Tessier | 13th Day Imperial Stout (20C: Imperial Stout)

Silver: Mark Hubbard | Grammy Porter's Porter (20A: American Porter)

Bronze: Kevin Hull | Black Velvet (If You Please) (20A: American Porter)


Gold: Chris Hughes | Black Hop Down (21B2: Black IPA)

Silver: Scott Durst; co-brewer Megan Roworth | With Curiosity (21B7: New England IPA)

Bronze: Colin Vandermeulen | NEIPA (21B7: New England IPA)

Strong American Ale

Gold: David Green | The Beagle Came Home (22A: Double IPA)

Silver: Colin Green | Collision Course (22A: Double IPA)

Bronze: Scott Durst; co-brewer Megan Roworth | More Myth Than Fiction (22C: American Barleywine)

European Sour Ale

Gold: Marie-Annick Scott | The Kreiken (23F: Fruit Lambic)

Silver:  Jordan Anstey; co-brewer Sarah Vassair | Weisse Weisse Baby (23A: Berliner Weisse)

Bronze:  John Sobiera | Funk Me I'm Irish (23B: Flanders Red Ale)

Belgian Ale

Gold: Haroun Aboud | Not My Wit (24A: Witbier)

Silver: Jamie Fowler | Short Circuit (24B: Belgian Pale Ale)

Bronze: Nolan Reimer; co-brewer Andrew Turba | One Wit Wonder (24A: Witbier)

Strong Belgian Ale

Gold: Jason Fuller | Snowdrop (25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale)

Silver: Jason Fuller | Saison Lune (25B: Saison)

Bronze: Duane Willis | Sangalor's Saison (25B: Saison)

Trappist Ale

Gold: Jay Avrett | Sophie's Belgian Dubbel (26B: Belgian Dubbel)

Silver: Marie-Annick Scott | Elk Rider (26C: Belgian Tripel)

Bronze: Jase Gudat | Belgian Dark Strong (26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale)

Historical Beer

Gold: Darrell Kelly | Wedzony Golab (27A2: Piwo Grodziskie)

Silver: Jeremy Visser | Last Ditch Effort (27A6: Kentucky Common)

Bronze: Joe Sym | No Way Gosee (27A1: Gose)

American Wild Ale

Gold: Mark Hubbard | Dark Pucker Punch

Silver: Martin Williams; co-brewer Mike Henhoeffer | I Like Big Bugs And I Cannot Lie

Bronze: Scott Durst; co-brewer Megan Roworth | Dharma Rose

Fruit Beer

Gold: Cory Day | Srp (29C: Speciality Fruit Beer)

Silver: Matt Ballyk | Electric Kool-Aid (29A: Fruit Beer)

Bronze: Chris Hughes | Easy Money (29A: Fruit Beer)

Spiced Beer

Gold: Martin Schoots-McAlpine | Danger Cookie Gingerbread Porter (30C: Winter Seasonal Beer)

Silver: Mike Vandervoort | A Hui Hou Kākou (30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer)

Bronze: Chris Potts | Earl Of Erin Redux (30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer)

Smoked Beer

Gold: Jamie Lamarre | Zoë's Little Pumpkin Ale (32B: Specialty Smoked Beer)

Silver: Ian Roberts | British BBQ (32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer)

Bronze: Nolan Reimer; co-brewer Andrew Turba | Aftermath (32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer)

Wood Beer

Gold: Patrick Brown | Wcwgc2 (33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer)

Silver: Chris Hughes | Everythingship Vin Blanc IPA (33A: Wood-Aged Beer)

Bronze: Jamie Fowler | Multiplayer (33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer)

Specialty Beer

Gold: Mike Andrews; co-brewer Megan McBain-Tannas | Charbroiled Jalapeno Lager

Silver: Cory Day | The Klp

Bronze: Marcelo Paniza | Shogun Nectar

Cider & Perry

Gold: T J Tully; co-brewers Adam Ivanusec, Robin Mahony, Bapi Vinnakota | Escape (C2B: Cider with Other Fruit)

Silver: Haroun Aboud | Mangoes For Cider (C2B: Cider with Other Fruit)

Bronze: Nolan Reimer; co-brewer Andrew Turba | Maui Gold (C2B: Cider with Other Fruit)


Gold: Stephen Snudden | Four Berry Melody (M2E: Melomel)

Silver: Stephen Snudden | Mesquite And Ob Bomm (M1B: Semi-Sweet Mead)

Bronze: Raymond Stuckless | Meadowwine (M3B: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead)

Provisional Styles

Gold: Brian Marmoreo | Congo Colada (PRX4: Catharina Sour)

Silver: Matt King | Rakshasa Pineapple Guava (PRX4: Catharina Sour)

Best of Show

Jeremy Visser | 2017 Barleywine (17D: English Barleywine)

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